Miscellaneous References 

Miscellaneous References



• Hagia Sophia
- Bô Yin Râ - Letters To One And Many, page 106:
It is not an ‘idolatrous’, crude multiplication of the cherished figure of reverence endowed with an abundance of trust, – which once emerged from the sublime cult of the ‘Hagia sophia’: the ‘Divine Wisdom’, as the embodiment of the ‘Eternal Feminine’ and later was identified with the mother of Jesus, – rather it is a psychologically...

• Hatha Yoga
- Bô Yin Râ - The Mystery Of Golgotha, page 117:
One can indeed attain extraordinary capabilities by Hâta-Yoga or similar “practices”, in which a certain breathing training plays a large part along with fasting, sexual abstinence, a vegetarian diet and such like, but – one can never approach the worlds of the spirit in this way. Indeed, one shuts the gates which lead to the realm of the essential spirit, and no power on earth can ever reopen them during this earthly life.

• Heavenly ladder
- Bô Yin Râ - The Book On The Living God, page 56:
On the lowest rung of this ‘heavenly ladder’, the one nearest to you, stand those helpers who can offer you their hand in support, should you want

They will never abandon anyone who strives to find his way through the night of terror towards that peaceful, silent, exalted temple where his God can ‘beget’ himself – from light unto light – within him. –

- Bô Yin Râ - The Book On Man, page 56:
Only then can the ‘living God’ ‘beget’ himself anew in the man of this earth. –

Only then will the ‘Jacob’s ladder’ be set up once more upon which ‘the angels’ ascend and descend, and which reaches from this earth into the eternal ‘First Light’ whence the spiritual in earthly man originates.

- Bô Yin Râ - The Path Of My Pupils, page 133:
After a receptive reading of my elucidations the pupil within the spirit can himself recognise precisely where he stands, although he must, of course, beware of refashioning to his advantage the characteristics of the relevant ability for experience which I give unequivocaly.

• Heliodorus
- Bô Yin Râ - The Mystery Of Golgotha, page 119:
In Heliodorus we find, in the third book of his “Aethiopica”, also in literary terms, a highly appreciated novel an extract demonstrating highest wisdom:

“One form of magic is for the mob and always wanders as it were low on the earth; it has to do with ghosts and teems with corpses. The other, however, the true wisdom, towards which we priests and prophets strive from our youth onwards, looks upwards to heaven, has intercourse with the gods and shares in the nature of powerful beings…”