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Millions find it hard still to believe in Jesus Christ. They struggle with the miracles and unnatural things which surround him and fill his life according to the gospels and the traditions. In fact therefore many deny his very existence, his significance and, overwhelmed by the explanation of his last deed refuse him more than merely having suffered like so many others on earth.

To those people struggling with Jesus Christ in the Christian tradition Bô Yin Râ addresses himself. He unravels the tales and stories around Jesus Christ, giving testimony of his earthly daily life without miracles and wonders on the one hand and the recording of things spiritual in the way and words and images of two thousand years ago on the other hand.

The result is a highly readable and open account of the occurrances in the life of probably the most famous man that ever walked the earth. If the reader can muster an open mind he will to his surprise soon not be left with questions regarding anything he knows about Jesus Christ for everything will fall into its proper place. The only thing that remains is awe for the spiritual gift to mankind.

Bô Yin Râ is the right man for this exposition as in his works he makes it clear beyond a trace of doubt that he belongs to the same brotherhood as Jesus Christ and thus speaks from within and not from outside learning, investigations or thought. Indeed, He knows himself to be a brother after the order of Melchizedek (Herbr 6:20,7) to whom even Abraham paid tribute (Gen 14:20) and in whom David had been confirmed ( Ps 110:4).


Bô Yin Râ on himself

If I am now asked about the knowledge which gives me the certainty to stand by the interpretation given in this book, for all current and future generations, I must begin with eradicating the mistaken idea that what I here present is somehow the fruit of my own ‘research’.
The paths leading to certainty here are so narrow and steep that all your own baggage, even the most supreme and sublime treasure of earthly wisdom, must be left behind, lest your feet stumble on these high roads. –
There is ‘knowledge’ which alone can know with certainty of these things!
‘Proofs’ are here attainable only for those who have, since the beginning of time, cultivated this way of ‘knowing’. They pass on what they attained themselves in like manner to those, in every human age, who have been confirmed; – namely, the ability of knowing through self-transformation, whereby the knower becomes knowledge from the object of knowledge. – –
And I speak from this knowledge.


The admirer has taken chapters, passages and sections in their entirety without changing a word from various books written by a brother after the order of Melchizedek in order to testify of Jesus Christ.
At the end of each section the specific book and pages have been indicated.
To the main narrative of Jesus Christ have been added some clarifications, elucidations and explanations, all by Bô Yin Râ in prologues, intermezzi and epilogues in a different colour of print.


, who lived from 1876 to 1943 and published forty books answering many of the questions of human existence. Being contacted by a group of publishers wishing to publicize the author’s messaging, I had the privilege to review The Book of the Royal Art, a bi-lingual (German – English) translated version of the original German into a final form of contemporary English. For those who are bilingual, the German/English book is superb, and for those of only English understanding, the version of the book without the German is preferable as a choice. Each hard-bound edition is represented in its case binding and smooth opaque off white acid-free paper, signifying the quality of this work.

Dr. Uwe Wilhelm


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