Miscellaneous References 

Miscellaneous References


• Cabbala
- Bô Yin Râ - More Light, page 190 et seq 195 et seq:
In the cabbala also, we are talking primarily, as in all practical mysticism, about finding the way to the supreme spiritual from which all life comes forth: – about the union of the soul with its abandoned source of life: about a ‘Unio mystica’: – the fusion of the separate individualization with the eternal primeval individuality, which is alone the common ground of being for all individual existence.

• Cain and Abel
- Bô Yin Râ - The Book On Man, page 122:
Woe upon the ‘last men’, for then the myth of Cain and Abel will be repeated a thousand times over, unless earthly man realises in time that every ‘you’ is an ‘I’ seeking to find himself in him. – –

• Camel through a needle’s eye
- Bô Yin Râ - The Secret, page 191+192:
Truly it is easier for a camel – and even if it is only a rope made from its hair – to pass through the eye of a needle than for a ‘rich man’, rich in earthly focussed spirituality, to enter the Kingdom of Heaven!!
- Bô Yin Râ - The Book On Happiness 48

• Cagliostro, Alessandro
- Bô Yin Râ - Resurrection, page 44:
Everything the carnival conjurers who copy in shabby style the blessed Cagliostro, have to recommend to their followers comes down to this outwitting through some, mainly physical, ‘exercises’.
In this way it is only the compulsion to achieve something unlawfully which one believes is too difficult to achieve on the straight and narrow, which again and again tempts victims into the net of vain charlatans.
Likewise with the craving to experience something extraordinary, however, one completely forgets that even the most mysterious process which can be experienced with the help of earthly senses loses all value as soon as these very senses refuse use…

• Cherubim
- Bô Yin Râ - The Path To God, page 25:
How contemptuous must be your view of the kingdom of the spirit, if you do not feel intuitively that there exists also in this kingdom level upon level, and that an almost unending hierarchy rises up, before the most exalted princes of the spirit can be reached. They – living in the innermost light of the Godhead – truly correspond to the picture human imagination has created of the highest ‘angels’, of the ‘cherubim’ and ‘seraphim’! – – – – –

• Clouds of knowing
- Bô Yin Râ - The Book Of The Royal Art, page 58:
However: – the external form only matters to the wise man as an appearance necessitated by this earth, and all appearance is in itself deceptive, – even if we really must not regard it as mere
‘nothingness’. –

How should the ‘clouds of knowing’, – sent to a world of appearance – be able to make the land fruitful if they do not work as appearance
within appearance?! –

• Comfort
- Bô Yin Râ - The Book Of Comfort, page 39:
Lift up your head, you who are mourning for
someone who was and is dear to your heart and now must be buried!
You, the mother of a child now lost; you, the father of a son torn away just as he had become a friend to you; you children, walking with the coffin of your father or mother to the burial ground!

• Coué de Châtaigneraie
- Bô Yin Râ - Showing The Way, page 104:
Then in Europe Mr Coué came on to the scene asking for nothing more from the sick than that they believe in the power of their own imagination; he was able to achieve no less ‘spectacular’ results.

And now another new report comes to us of a healer who is said to cause all sorts of sickness to vanish merely through the laying on of hands.

• Creator Spiritus
- Bô Yin Râ - Hortus Conclusus, page 56:
then it is indeed difficult to prepare one’s consciousness for receiving the ‘creator spiritus’, the creative spirit of eternity which is of itself sovereign ‘eternal life’, encompassing everything in its substantial being that is begotten by its realm, yet absorbs nothing in itself which had not come forth from it in eternity.