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According to the ancient and holy account the pupils of the wise carpenter, the exalted ‘Rabbi’ from Nazareth, are said to have once come to him with the request:
“Lord, teach us to pray!”
Upon which, – so the ancient record tells us, – the teacher of life, who was one with God, instructed them to cease from babbling traditional long litanies in the manner of those who know not. Instead of this, they were to use those wondrously beautiful, simple words which are now found on the lips of all those who profess, in whatever form of creed, or claim to profess, the love-filled teaching of that sublimely great man of God.

LUKE 11: 2-4,
• On Prayer chapter: Ask, and you shall receive, page 31:
They certainly already knew enough prayers by rote and did not ask: “Lord, teach us a new prayer”. On the contrary, – they said clearly and unambiguously:
“Lord, teach us to pray!”

Even if the whole of the ancient account were nothing other than pure fiction, the writer would have revealed himself as a man of knowledge; for only such a man could have put these unambiguously clear words into the mouths of the exalted Master’s pupils. – – –

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LUKE 11:23,
• Spectre Of Freedom , chapter: The urge to associate, page 52:
In the ancient sacred account the most divine of the men of the earth says:

“He that gathers not with me: he scatters!”

If ever a word of a man was: the ‘Word of God’, here it has been uttered! – –

Not gathering together – not to seek to gather – is in itself already: scattering! –

The exalted spirit having influence on earth and comprehensible to man in his soul continually seeks to ‘gather what has been lost’. –

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• More Light , chapter: On the true service of God, page 268:
May no one enter that ‘night’ when working is impossible, from which there is no escape until the debt of those biding is paid ‘to the last penny’!

Still it is ‘day’, and helpful hands are at work to lead spiritual help to all those who seek it. – There is no need of special training to call upon this help; there is no need of any individual instruction to make it one’s own.

“He who has ears to hear, let him hear!”

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• The Book On Man , chapter: New mankind, page 131:
The holy books of ancient times rightly proclaim both a kingdom of the ‘children of light’ and a kingdom of the ‘children of this world’ of the external powers which cannot be eliminated. One who truly knew of these things once said: “The children of this world are in their generation wiser than the children of light!” – –

It is to be wished that the ‘children of light’ would become ‘wiser’ in their way, and could break the spell by which they are fettered by the ‘children of this world’!

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• The Secret , chapter: The sea journey, page 206:
Then you will perhaps be able to apprehend what the great Man of Love once taught when he said that the Kingdom of Heaven was ‘nigh’; one could not say it was here or there nor think that it would come with great gestures for:

‘The Kingdom of God is in you!’”

LUKE 18:19,
• The Wisdom Of John , chapter: Portrait of the master, page 22
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LUKE 19:17,
• The Path Of My Pupils , chapter: Inner life and outer world, page 156:
In a parable in the Gospels it is said to the good servant: “Because you have been faithful in little, have authority over much!”

What is here in parable form applies to one of the most important demands of the spirit!

Whoever cannot manage in his transient earthly life to behave already in such a way that his thoughts, speech and actions can be acknowledged by the spirit has not yet understood the possible help of the outer world, and all his striving to become conscious in the eternal spirit is of no use to him.

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