The book on the Beyond 


he three treatises set out to give you an idea – inasmuch as can be communicated in words – of what awaits you when the life you have lived in an earthly body is extinguished and you are released from this physically sensed world of appearance.

As a travel guide speaks to you of regions of the earth which you have never seen, so you shall find described here all you need to know about the unknown ‘land’ where you will one day, after death, find yourself able to experience, – regardless of whether you believe in the possibility of such experience or not.

At the same time this book sets out to free you from so many errors which in the past took hold of you, whenever you thought of those loved ones who have left this earth.

on the beyond

earful belief and an excess of superstition in ancient and modern times have piled up so many figments of imagination about the ‘life beyond’ that we need to sift through this mess to stop it from further confusing your mind.

The only ones with anything really genuine to say about life after the death of the physical earthly body are those few men of this earth who know from their own certain experience this life which has no need of the physical body, but at the same time tastes the sorrows and joys of this life in an earthly appearance like yourself.

As one of the few who are aware of the life beyond, I impart to you in this book those things which can be communicated through words. We feel the yearning of the age which justifiably expects that those things appertaining to spiritual experience, which have only reached the consciousness of a few at certain times and places, are no longer guarded as ‘secret knowledge’.

May what I have to tell you be of benefit to you!

May my words succeed in awakening your own innermost feeling of yourself, so that you may attain that certainty from within yourself which can protect you from sterile scepticism, as well as from uncritical subservience to all manner of fantasies conceived by deluded or over-stimulated brains!

You should find the yardstick within yourself by which you may henceforth test how much truth and illusion is contained in the ideas conceived by men since time immemorial so that they could bear the gloom of the unfathomable mystery appearing before them whenever they stood before a corpse.

t matters not whether it is believable to you what I say; for the things of which I speak are beyond your agreement or disagreement. Moreover, I do not teach a religious doctrine, but show you a manifestation of reality which currently you are incapable of knowing other than by concepts communicated through the words of human language.

Soon enough you too will get to know, through your own experience, your allotted place within this sphere of reality…

In all ages those who are conscious in the beyond have borne witness to its reality, but their witness has fallen prey to the incompetent and those who irresponsibly corrupt their words. As a result, you are needful of help, if you are to learn to unravel those things which must be unravelled if the tidings of those with genuine knowledge will not fall into disrepute among men with pure and mindful feeling, together with the monstrosities created by deluded fantasists.

If you would truly know those things imparted to you here, then cast aside all prejudice and listen within your innermost being. There, if you are open to them, you will receive the answers to all those questions my words leave unanswered because you must learn to answer them yourself. – –

ur intention here is not to recruit supporters for some theological or philosophical hypothesis and definitely not to create a new form of religion, – instead, it brings you testimony of theoriginal spiritual (not ‘cerebral’!) experience which stood at the cradle of all the great, ancient religions born from the spirit of God…

Therefore the living experience of the words offered to you here does not require you in any way to turn your back on the traditional religion you hold sacred. Rather they seek to deepen and consolidate belief, as well as help the ability to believe, where ancient and revered religious forms and creeds are still real necessities of life.

For those, however, who long ago shook off all confessional attachments, my words will once again open up access to spiritual realms. Reaching them remains the supreme longing of man on earth even if the creeds of his forefathers did not bring him to the ardently desired fulfilment of that longing in a way in line with his comprehension.