What is there to say about the exalted community of spiritual teachers?

How are you to reach those helpers who guide you from the spirit if you shall not seek them ‘outside’?

If you can only expect guidance in your innermost being, what purpose is served by these words which perforce reach you from outside?

Oh, you who seeks! – This spiritual guidance is very near to you though you do not know it! –

It works within you and you are connected to it in yourself without suspecting any trace of connection.
You could live together in a room for days and nights in your outer life with one of the spiritual ‘masters’, as the Luminaries of the First Light are traditionally called, and you would still not recognise him for what he is. For the one Master who made us spiritual masters disguised our status from obscured eyes…

But if you wish to approach our spiritual community with eyes that see, take care to attain within yourself the spiritual atmosphere in which we live – we who learnt to see through the one eternal eye which has no equivalent with earthly sensory organs.

You will not hear us within yourselves until that day which finds you for the first time in the innermost perfect stillness, full of confidence and secure freedom from fear!

Outer peace is only of little use to you here.
The fuller you are involved in your daily world, – the more intensively you perform the work which your daily activity demands of you–, so much nearer will you come in your inner being to the spiritual atmosphere which is vital for us, and where that untroubled stillness you must achieve prevails. – –

Perhaps you are infatuated with the romantic idea that we who are called ‘lions of stillness’ are idle dreamers, fantastic hierophants or even ‘yogis’ of that dubious sort seen at markets?!

You believe that the men of spiritual vision to whom the myths of all peoples owe sublime insight are priests belonging to mysterious cults in incense-filled secret crypts?!

You cannot rid yourself of the concept that we are in the service of some earthly will, – perhaps allied with some power-seeking religion or ideology?! – –

If you, you who seeks, wants to find the track which leads to the truth you must not be deceived by the delusions of your fertile imagination!

Know that the spiritual masters who carried out their works on this earth included masters of the sword!

Know that others steered the destinies of great lands!

Some of us nurtured the high arts, others science; but still others shied, and still shy away from any kind of science and any kind of art.

Some lived in great cities in the midst of the worldly turmoil of their times, – others dwelt in distant, remote seclusion which still today offers refuge to nearly all of us.
Changing as the times change, our footprints can be found in many different situations during human existence on earth.

But we are in no wise the same as each other in every spiritual respect; each individual retains the freedom to decide whether and for how long he will remain on the spiritual rung he has attained, or whether and when he will ascend to the next one.

Yet each of us always hears the call which has summoned him…

Perhaps very little would correspond to your over-exaggerated conception of the essence of those men who are united with God, were you able to recognise in his earthly apparel any one of us who are called the ‘Masters of the Seven Gateways’ to the godhead!?!

However: – the external form only matters to the wise man as an appearance necessitated by this earth, and all appearance is in itself deceptive, – even if we really must not regard it as mere ‘nothingness’. –

How should the ‘clouds of knowing’, – sent to a world of appearance – be able to make the land fruitful if they do not work as appearance within appearance?! –

Think not that you need to meet one of us to become his spiritual pupil!

None of us teaches the last things ‘from without’!

What I am saying to you here can be a spur to your will to seek after truth; yet all the teaching I give to you in the words of my language remains but a call to awaken your inner being; for the wisdom of Himavat is ‘taught’ differently…
It is more deeply grounded than merely on the brain’s ability to understand!

It is deeper than all human temporary and changing schools of doctrine!

But you can not live with the living ‘stones of the great wall’ in the innermost part of your being before you are used to breathing in their air, high above all the trifles of those things supposed to be important and high above all the bragging smartness of market sellers bawling out their wares.

Just as the sound is heard on all the harps in a hall when the player’s fingers touch the single string of one harp, so too are all sacred sounds heard by every pupil who is allotted his spiritual place after he was able ‘tuning’ the ‘harps of the consecrated mount’ within himself…

Your inner state is the key to unlock the door which leads you into the secret spiritual temple!
Nothing can be kept silent, nothing can be kept from you when you have truly acquired this key for yourself. But this key can only open up as long as you persevere in the condition required by spiritual law. –

Do not seek to hear sounds within you, nor to see visions, nor to hear words in the way you might were they spoken to you from outside!

Test yourself and keep your soul awake lest you fall prey to delusions and dreams where you would learn to recognize reality!

Seek nothing other than the condition of the innermost, perfectly trusting silence of the soul!

To the same degree you approach this condition, you will also draw nearer to those who are being guided, like you, on the path to truth; in the same way you will move away from them if you neglect to keep the condition of innermost desireless silence undisturbed within you.

No outer disturbance can unsettle the silence meant here; it is dependent only on your own behaviour within yourself. –

Do not seek within the half-light of the soul for those you think are fellow travellers.

You can only share in the power they have acquired already, and you will certainly become aware of their strengthening your powers, – but of those united with you in striving for the spirit only he knows who is your teacher, as he is theirs.

Brood not, but be constantly conscious of the honest harnessing of all those inner capabilities you are aware of!
You must not let the eye of the soul lose sight of you for a moment!

Otherwise you might go astray and only after some time would you realise you were no longer on the path…

If you are one of those who does not leave his time on this earth unused, the radiant day will shine for you during this earthly life in your own inner being.

You will then have escaped all dangers, for you will see your path illuminated by your own inner clarity.

For now, however, do not worry about that day; you can only patiently learn to wake up to it when it comes!

You do not know when that hour will come; no-one knows…
You determine your own time and must fulfil ‘your time’!

Let the words I have to say to you here suffice:

When the time is fulfilled, fulfilment will come to you!

All impatience merely darkens your view and thereby delays the work.

You are eternal, and yours is eternity!

Persevere with perseverance!

Resign to ‘what has been taken on’ with resignation!

You need only take good care of it!

In no wise is it your possession. –

Strive every day and every hour for the exalted condition of inner silence in the midst of the turmoil of the outer world!
Fill yourself with faithful trust and stay clear of all fear!

You shall thus approach in the spirit the one who can guide you spiritually, – you shall thus become aware in the spirit of the exalted community from which he comes to you – – thus you shall finally find yourself in your living God!