All longing for happiness which reaches up beyond base earthly desires is simply a yearning for unification of the spirits in the spiritual primeval ground, which eternally propagates them and eternally releases them from itself, to take them eternally back into itself…

Yet the human spirit of this earth is still imprisoned by the earthly which only creates division where its yearning seeks union. – –

Friendship comes into existence and seeks to remove division, – but behold: – friend and friend, however, remain one and another one, and both can never merge into oneness in their innermost beings! – –

Only marriage which unites the male with the female truly creates a new oneness! – – –

Here one person and another person have been merged again into a whole which transcends the earthly, just as both were once united before the ‘fall’ into the world of earthly phenomena! – – –

Although only in rare and sublime cases do the united ones become aware of this, this does not change the fact that the union became once more occurrence in the same primeval ground of all being where it was once a primevally ordained occurrence. – – –

Man only becomes ‘conscious’ of the very least part of what really exists, and what remains in the un-conscious, in the un-known, is nevertheless more decisive for man than everything which enters his
consciousness. – – –

As soon as on this earth man and woman make solemn vows to one another, – with the resolute will to keep their vows until the end of their lives on earth, – a new unity is born in the essential spirit: according to form entirely equal to that unity in which each one of the two human spirits now united on earth was once united in the spirit with its primevally given opposite pole.

During this time on earth uniquely the physically visible opposite pole, attached to the other part by marriage, is always effective quite regardless of whether it concerns, – as in extremely rare cases, – really two poles which had once been united and in the fullness of time will be reunited for all eternity, or whether it concerns two primevally given ‘strange’ poles! – – –

Each part of the marriage therefore has only to see its praised opposite pole with which it is united in the other part of the marriage to which it is attached here on earth by vow, for no other can unite with it during this earthly time…

   Book 23 on eternal attachement   



Only with this opposite pole has it built the spiritual unity we are speaking of here; even the wisest of the wise never knows with certainty whether this opposite pole, united with him for earthly time, will not also remain eternally attached to him as his primevally given complementary part. – – –

Only a very specific spiritual capacity for experience can sometimes, – though not easily – raise the veil in this regard…

But as not to leave any room for questions, I must mention here that even there where is the most certain guarantee that two opposite poles propagated by the spirit in the primeval situation, and encountered one another as men of this earth, – the new form of union of which I speak can only be created if these two men of this earth unite in a true marriage for the duration of this
earthly life. – – –

This ‘form of union’ is a spiritual manifestation, which is, as it were, given in a latent state as a possibility within the spirit, yet only if the will-to-marriage ‘stirs’ it once more into active being, following which it will remain in existence as long as the will-to-marriage is preserved. – –

If it is extinguished through the death of the earthly body of one of the parts of a marriage or through the dissolution of a marriage, this form of union returns to its latent state, only to return to active being wherever another, new will-to-marriage ‘stirs’. – – –

Do not think that the becoming and passing, fading and rising again of certain forms is ‘impossible’ in eternity, since eternity does not tolerate any ‘beginning’ or ‘end’! –

Human reason has truly served man badly here when it succeeded in tempting him into constructing a picture of the eternal based only on earthly laws!…

Since here on this earth, as in the whole of the visible cosmos, everything that has a ‘beginning’ will also have an ‘end’, – since here, whatever once came together from ‘elements’ must irrevocably fall apart again, – earthly reason believes itself justified in the easy conclusion: – that the eternal can only exist in contrast to the earthly, – – in the event it exists at all.
Those who cleverly calculate in this way, – ‘happy’ with their ‘wisdom’ which they think is fixed with rock-hard certainty in unshakeable ‘laws of reason’, – have no idea that they are using a measure which does not exist in the eternal, since only the meaningless pretences of certain proceedings of thought give it the pretence of existence. – – –

Even if it is to earthly human brains completely ‘incomprehensible’, eternity always continues to be – and ‘eternity’ is simply the essential spirit’s being – without beginning and without end only being in the form of continually stirring life, of which the ‘life’ of this earthly world, like all physical cosmic occurrence, is but a last, distant reflection, dimmed by the rough, dark mirror of ‘matter’. – – –

The marriage of two people on earth is just founded in essential eternity alone, – in pure spirit! – – –

If this ultimate foundation were not given, then there would be no more talk of ‘marriage’ but only of the attachment of the sexes: on the basis of their own pleasure in each other and to produce the next generation for mankind on earth…

Then it is obvious that the cohabitation of the sexes would best be left to chance, – only dammed up where dams might avoid harm being done to the common good. –

But now it is possible for man on earth, in the merging of male and female, to erect a temple which rises up into the heart of the Godhead!– – –

‘Man and woman and woman and man reach up to the Godhead’, – wisdom sings as though from the mouth of a child in a text which a naïve ‘man of knowledge’ offered the greatest artistic genius of
his time to be put to music. – – –

The marriage of two people on earth becomes a spiritual occurrence in the pure spirit!

In this way, and not through the words of priests, even less so through the recognition accorded by civil authorities which serve only the regulation of earthly events, marriage is sublimely consecrated in eternity! – – –

Popular wisdom expresses a faint intuition of this true attachment in eternity when it speaks proverbially of ‘marriages being made in heaven’…

And even the power-conscious Church of Rome decided long ago that the promise made between man and woman to belong to each other in marriage until death, in itself already concludes the marriage, and that the act of consecration by the priest can only bless what has already been concluded, – – though this decision of the Council prompted according to dogma by the ‘Holy Ghost’, is deliberately avoided to make known to the general public. – –
The ancient wisdom of those with knowledge still has its effect even there where the key which could open ancient and sublime tabernacles to current and future generations was lost a long time ago…

Yet in the innermost feelings of those who know marriage in the way it should be manifested here on earth, can be gently felt that a mystery fulfils itself in true marriage, – – even if one does not see the ultimate reality, towering brightly over every true marriage up to heaven. – – –

However, every married couple will gradually have to learn to feel this reality more and more if they are to recognise that they are attached in
eternity. – – –

In the earthly sphere the effects of unbending cosmic law rule, and love can only have a limited influence on existence. –

What is called ‘love’ on earth is simply a pale reflection of the love which floods the eternity of the spirit within being: – the love which is in God and is the life of God, – which brings to fulfilment everything cosmic law strives for and can never attain! – – –

Its most effective reflection on earth becomes experience in true marriage!
To experience this and experiencing it in feeling is the supreme happiness of marriage, and reserved exclusively for it! – – –

Wherever this purest reflection of love, which is the life of God, becomes experience in the unity of spiritual-physical merging, the realm of the essential spirit has attached itself to the earthly, – and – as one day all human spirits will be united in love in eternity, man and woman who know this most sacred experience were already united here on earth. – – –

But where this union of spirits exists it will also not be cancelled when in eternity those primevally given poles, which are separated here and generally know
not of each other and walk upon this earth in the body of the human animal, one day find each other again. – – –

Within the spiritual everything separate penetrates each another, and so spiritual man, having won back the primevally given state of his being in union with his opposite pole, lives in mutual penetration of all others who have been reunited. – – –

It is not so that a marriage which found the highest perfection of happiness here on earth, although both parts of the marriage were in no way primevally given poles of union, might now suffer in the spiritual world through unwanted separation!
Only what seeks separation will be separated there, and even the will of one part is sufficient to bring about this separation until one day both parts are on the same supreme level where there is no will to separate…

On those lower levels of spiritually conscious being which must first be crossed after the ‘death’ of the earthly body, there is, however, also the will to separate and the will to unite. –

But if the will to separate is effective, what is separated penetrates each other without being mutually aware of its presence; whereas the will to unite creates mutual experience in penetration which is sublime beyond every earthly imagination, and would never be possible to describe in
words. – – –

A pale reflection of this spiritual experience can still be sensed in the idea that one could leave one’s earthly body here on earth in order to feel within the loved one every stimulation of the body and every stimulation of the soul with intensity and clarity, – to a greater degree than would ever have come to his consciousness…

The highest yearning of all true lovers on this earth finds fulfilment in this way in spiritual being! – – –

True marriage can never be dissolved, and it will even continue to exist in all eternity!
However, it is far from the case that it can only be experienced once in a human life on earth!

Where ‘death’ parts the earthly attachment, the survivor can very well enter into a new marriage and thereby create a new union in the spirit which can not impair the first. – –

The spiritual penetration of those who remain eternally attached in love knows no ‘jealousy’, since there is nothing in the spirit which could cause it, – as all jealousy among lovers on earth comes ultimately from the anxious concern of the soul that the union it strives for may run the risk of not being effected…

But in the spirit this union has been, and nothing can endanger it!
With mutual penetration everything in the spirit is in union which on earth has ever found itself in true love! – – –

Whatever became union in marriage here on earth can be separated physically by earthly death, but it can never be separated any more in the spiritual realm! – – –

There it only increases the will to union which one day will bring about spiritual union to the whole of mankind on earth, and which already leads man and woman in every new true marriage to such a
union. – – –

Thus true marriage truly creates eternal attachment, – and not only between both human poles which are spiritually united through it, but, in a different way, also between them and those already united in the essential spirit in eternity! – – –

Well served are those who comprehend here what is to be comprehended!

Well served are those who can experience it in marriage!

In all places on this earth ‘temples of marriage’ should rise up, – places of consecration whose priestly offices only those should hold who know of the possibility of spiritual union in marriage and are determined to strive for it with all their powers!

Here all things should find worthy consideration which in this world seem somehow appropriate: to serve the sublime sanctity of marriage!

From here one should try to create also the external conditions for all marriages so that they may prosper!

These elevated places of consecration should be the starting point of all concerns about youth!

Here all lovers wanting to unite in marriage should receive benevolent counsel!

Here help should be offered to all those who have been unable to create happiness in their marriage and now stand before the dissolution of their marriage!

Truly, – great things could still be done here, and on the whole of mankind would be bestowed blessing upon blessing from the work of those, who as true ‘carers for souls’, – free of any urge to capture souls for some religious doctrine, – would seek here to help marriage to become what it can be on earth if its spiritual foundation in the face of eternity is known!!

But still mankind on earth has not recognised that it could attain all well-being from marriage…

Still it seeks ‘improvements’ here and there with the most honest efforts; no one appears to see that mankind could only be helped if this help from true marriage arose of itself! – – –

No one seems to know that the human union which propagates life is the naturally and spiritually willed departure point for its proper guidance, its proper steering! – – –

If evil is to be combated in humanity, – and who could deny it? – – the roots of this evil must be sought where the sublime sanctity of marriage is not known, – or where lustful desire is permitted to profane it in word and image and action, – often sure of being applauded by those who can keep their own marriage unpolluted! – – –

A change must take place here if mankind is not to come to grief through lustfulness and shallow pleasure through continuously craving sexual stimulation! –

Above all, new life, – youth, must defend itself against degeneration; this can only happen if it seeks to awaken in its heart reverence for the sanctity of marriage! – – –

Only a generation which knows about the sanctity of marriage and stands in deepest reverence before the most sublime mystery of man can gain that future of mankind which, long yearned for by the best in all peoples, can assuredly be gained, – yet only when one creates it – – oneself! – – –

Only the will, – never the wish! – – can perform the sublime miracle here!! – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Then many ‘questions’ will be answered which still today seem beyond answer, – and great suffering will disappear from the world! – – – –

Yet still we are unfortunately all too far from this new age which will make every man conscious of the sacred dignity of his humanity! –

And yet this age will one day appear, – when everyone who gains insight here feels the duty within himself to dedicate all the powers he has to bringing it about as soon as possible!

Let no one think that his powers mean too little!

Everyone will strengthen a will which is already present in the world, and so this united will may create its own ways to reach the will of all! – – –

Holy will be for all: – the ardour of the sexes for union! – – –

Holy: – the mystery of propagation and
begetting! – – –

Holy, – thrice holy: – the union uniting the woman with the man, in intimate togetherness for time and eternity! – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –