EXODUS 13:21
The Book On The Living God, chapter: The Path, page 54

EXODUS 17:1-7
The Wisdom Of John, chapter: The Luminary’s Earthly Path, page 49

EXODUS 20: 2,3,4
The Book Of The Royal Art, chapter: THE LUMINARY SPEAKS TO THE SEEKER, page 13: ….. “

And now, you who seek, destroy the false gods if you would approach the only, eternal One: – your living God!

Your God is within yourself, and only within yourself can you perceive his presence!

Only within yourself can he be born to you…

Only within yourself can he make himself
perceptible to you!

You shall seek no other ‘god’ than the God in you!

You shall desire to serve no other ‘god’!

Listen to the ancient words that have been
falsely interpreted!

Listen to them anew with understanding!

Listen with shaking heart: –

‘I’ – ‘am the Lord!’ – says your God…

‘You shall seek no other gods!’ –

‘You shall create no image to yourself and make it into your own ‘god’; it would be a
monstrous distortion of yourself, existing only through your desire until the time you vanish from the
earth! – –’