The Path To God 



There are no two people on this earth who are the same in every respect.
If in the seed is contained the future shape of a plant, likewise every human spirit carries within it the original image of its future perfection. –
Infinitely varied are the forms of life in which God experiences himself within himself…
Infinitely varied are the reflections of the life of the Godhead in human spirits…
Infinitely varied are the forms of perfection…
You can only achieve for yourself your ownperfection within in yourself; the perfection of another person can only stimulate you to find your own within yourself.
Another’s perfection is not yours, and can never replace what you neglect within yourself.
Therefore, place yourself in the light of eternity so that you recognise what it is that demands perfection within you!
Put aside all vanity, all pride and all yearning, so that you do not seduce yourself into striving for another’s perfection and lower your estimation of your own! Even the greatest of those who have attained perfection could only attain his own perfection; you will be his equal in perfection when one day you are perfected in your own way.
If he had striven for greatness, knowing of great men among the perfected ones, – truly he would never have achieved his own perfection!
May your ambition let you strive for the highest rank your capabilities can attain in this outer world, but keep it far from your striving for spiritual perfection! –

If you would find the perfection reserved for you alone within yourself, know that you can only find perfection within yourself in union with your God! – – –
Therefore, I show you the path to God, so that one day you will be perfected in union with God.
Only when you live your life in oneness with God, will it reach perfection in God!
It will always be your own life that is fulfilled in this way!
You cannot live God’s life, – yet God indeed lives within you, and you can find in union with God the highest expression of your own life. – –
Let a parable guide you towards understanding here:
Observe the lamp where a thread as thin as hair glows and illuminates by the power of electricity!
You are still like the lamp through which the electric current does not yet flow. – –
However, once you have joined in union with God, you will be like the lamp whose interior, scarcely visible, glows with radiant light. –
It is not the lamp itself which can bring illumination!Only when the current of the power unites with its innermost can light shine forth!
If the lamp could sense itself: – it would always only be aware of its innermost – even though glowing in light where once it was dark – and only in this innermost could it become conscious of the current of power flowing through it. – –
Once you are united with your living God you too will only ever experience your own innermost essence…
Your innermost essence will then shine forth in radiant clarity – permeated by the living light of the Godhead!
You will not have ‘become God’, yet God’s power will flow through you…
In all eternity you cannot experience anything other than yourself and those things which become experience in you! – – –


Through the same parable you can also learn to understand what I mean when I say that you will only find perfection in God, and that the perfection of others will never perfect you.
The lamp through which the current of the power does not flow may well be suitable, in its construction, for revealing a wonderful light within itself, yet it fails to shine. Its perfection will only be demonstrated when it is connected to the source of power.
So too, you can create all prerequisites to attain perfection, – but you will only attain perfection in union with your God! – – –
And if there were many lamps together in one place, only those would shine through which a current flowed.
The light of others will never make lamps without power bring forth light.
Thus you too can only find perfection if you strive for your own perfection; the perfection of everyone else is there in vain for you, if you have not found within yourself union with God…
Behold! You must find your eternal life within yourself!
Only by perfecting that which is to find perfection in you, will you be able to achieve this. –
You should become conscious of it just like your outer daily life enters your consciousness; you will never be able to lose consciousness of your eternal life, once you have attained it in yourself…
Judge for yourself whether it is not worth the constant effort to achieve this lofty goal?! –
You will certainly need at times to harness all your powers to keep it in your sights…
There will indeed be much asked of you which will go against your desires as animal of the earth, and which will often not reflect your earthly wishes…
And yet, despite all your efforts, you will never attain this goal, if you were not offered help coming from the goal itself. –
In the end, everything depends on your willingness to accept this help. –
The beginning, middle and end of the path are within you; you will also only receive help from on high within yourself! – – –
You will then feel your powers increasing every day; what first seemed far too difficult for you, so that you might loose heart, will scarcely require any effort when you carry on along the path.
The closer you come to your goal, the more you will receive help and the clearer you feel it all the time. –
As you walk, you will grow in strength, for the path will get steeper and steeper, until finally you reach the summit of the holy mount…
There your efforts will be at an end! – – –
But do not think that you will cease from finding things! –
Unending is what you have found, eternally you will find in it new things! – – – –
United in yourself with your God, you will perfect what only sought perfection in you, – thus you will become an abundant find for yourself which will be for ever inexhaustible! – –
Then the realm of essential spirit will be more and more revealed to you, and, continuing to walk from one blissful state to the next, you will realise that already on this earth you are in the midst of your eternal life! – – –
You have then found within yourself what you once sought beyond the highest clouds and could never find! –
Perfected, you will then abandon the corruptible to corruption, for, from what is incorruptible the rebirth in God is prepared for you! – –

Truly: – here you will be secure for ever! –
Your path to God was but the path to your own perfection! –