In ancient times gentle tidings once arrived in the west from the orient; Christian imagery described a wondrous, spiritual community of wise men of action – Westerners did not know how to interpret the news which came to them in this way. – –

The veil of the legend concealed the ‘holy grail’ and its noble ‘knighthood’.....

Knowledge full of comfort submerged in obscure myth, – became legendary background to a devout fiction.

In our own times, however, eccentric mystics have proclaimed in public their embellished fantasies of wise men hiding in the heart of the orient. The legend unintentionally revealed its narrators’ knowledge of the secretive existence of those wise men but also that they had never seen any of them in person. – Had that been the case, they could never have concluded that certain miracle-working fakirs and eccentric holy men they had actually met belonged to that spiritual circle…

As in the unconscious of many souls there has been preserved a last fading intuition of a possible spiritual connection with a sanctuary, still concealed somewhere on this earth and imbued with God’s spirit, there were soon to be found a number who believed they might hope to achieve such a connection.

Unfortunately they sought it on false paths and still seek it on false paths. – –

From fragments of knowledge scattered about on the path they built a strange folly and called it the ‘science’ of the spirit. Unwittingly they had succumbed to the delusion that true knowledge of the spirit of eternity could be acquired in the same way as earthly rational knowledge.

They live as ascetics believing this will ‘spiritualise’ them. They immerse themselves in the poisonous midnight swamp of a ‘mysticism’ rising from the feverish atmosphere of tropical jungles. Deluded by passion, everywhere they search for ancient or modern instructions on gaining ‘occult powers’. They think these will bring them closer to those who only smile compassionately, with forgiveness and understanding, upon all this. – –

No one seeks to climb the rocky ascent leading to the sunny peaks of the ‘great mountain range’. They all walk on wide dusty roads towards pilgrimage destinations, long ago desecrated, in dank valleys…

Many have dreamt they were already on their way to the sober- minded rulers in the soul’s realm. Now they search the forests for – a ‘holy man’…

Others believe the religious teachings of oriental peoples coincide with the wisdom of those gentle and hidden rulers…

Rightly they say to themselves:

“In ancient times we also had our seers and wise men; we also have our sacred books from distant ages!

The divine is the same everywhere!

Why should we, being sons of the west, seek our salvation in the east alone?!” –

They speak the truth – for if it were simply a matter of what one can learn to feel in oneself everywhere with a pious heart, – if it were simply a matter of those teachings which still influence the conceptions of faith in the east, – every seeker could find fulfilment by himself and through the wise teachings passed on to him by the seers and prophets of his people.

Yet the wisdom and work of those gentle rulers have nothing to do with the teachings of eastern peoples; those hidden spiritual helpers guide beyond the heaven every age has created as an expression of its religious yearning. –

The guardians of mankind’s ancient heritage are the mightiest protectors of everything spiritual in man. They are simultaneously the truest friends to man on earth, being full of understanding and counsel. – –

From the most ancient of times they have sent out brothers to all lands of the earth to create spiritual centres of radiation where needed.

Throughout the ages they have chosen their spiritual sons and brothers from all the peoples in the way spiritual law bade them to choose.

To all those chosen in this way a site in the heart of Asia became their spiritual homeland; no one who wants to come here without invitation can find the entrance.

The few living there since time immemorial never appear in the outside world of activity.

They only give this task to those among their spiritual sons and brothers defined by spiritual law as ‘men of action’.

They are themselves solely the loyal guardians of a spiritual treasure which earthly man oncepossessed before he fell into the physical world of matter.

They create that might through which the men of action work for the well-being of mankind on earth.

Is it not folly in the extreme to believe that these sublime rulers are ‘Buddhists’ or ‘Brahmans’, – ‘lamas’, ‘pundits’ or even ‘fakirs’!?! –

But do not think that we are talking here about ‘scholars’ of some occult pseudo ‘science’!

All this sort of conjecture is completely false!

The Luminaries of the First Light are first and foremost ‘creators’.

Never have the ‘elders’ or ‘fathers’ known the ‘thirst for knowledge’, and they could not know it…
Their ‘sons’ and likewise their ‘brothers’ in the spirit abandoned all ‘thirst for knowledge’ long ago.

None of them has any desire to convert the world to the teachings of eastern mysticism and philosophy.

They do not care if you ‘believe’ in the Bible, the Koran, the Vedas or the teachings of Buddha.

However, within all these faiths they continue to find people they can help and guide spiritually, even if those they protect and counsel often have no conscious awareness of what occurs of necessity…

The Luminaries of the First Light do not wish to impart doctrines of belief but to build ‘bridges’ which connect you, – held captive as man of this earth by the animal, – to the substantial realm of the spirit.

Yet they are far away from teachings which seek to whip man into an ecstatic frenzy so that he might then – no longer in control of his senses – imagine he has the power to attract the divine to himself. –

Truly, they are also aware that you can never know in thought what is the precondition for thought and transcends it. –

They smile on hearing of those who see themselves as gods in disguise.

Invisible they will be at the side of anyone who would receive his God within himself. –

They are the true high priests passing the chalice of blessing to every pilgrim who yearns for God within himself from the deepest fervour of his heart. – – –

Do you not see that we are speaking here of something other than those peculiar, supposed sages of ‘occult science’ mentioned wherever that stew has been prepared from the mystical and arcane teaching of all races and called the ‘wisdom of God’, – ‘theosophy’?! – –

With this ‘wisdom of God’ of the deluded and the self-deceived, with all its ‘exercising’, meditating and fasting, – with all the purity of your acts and thoughts, – with knowledge of things you do not need to know, with all these things, you will not be a hair’s breadth nearer to that goal you intuit as the exalted goal of all your desires through your heart’s profoundest feelings! – –

Perhaps you will become a fool, perhaps a ‘holy man’ for yourself and others, – yet you will never come to your God in this way!

If you want only to find those things which you can always find within yourself without spiritual help, you really do not need to turn your gaze to the ‘exalted east’!

Those guiding you from that place, – even if they live in the same country as you, or even in the same house, – have different things to impart! –

They can create something in you that you cannot create within yourself…

Something which will take root in you and for which you will be the nourishment…

Something you do not yet possess and never could possess of yourself! – –

Even the Luminaries of the First Light do not possess it of themselves. –

They only pass on to you what once belonged to you before you had to lose it through your urge to enter this world of physical matter. – –

The ‘eldest’ of the brothers have never lost it, for they have never been exposed to the profound fall into the human animal of this earth…

They do not know death; they live, as they did millennia ago, on this earth in an indestructible manifestation made from the powers of purest spiritual substance.

They were never at one, like you or I, with a body which is the same as an animal’s.

But they created in men, who had previously fallen and were to be united with the animal on earth in their time, their ‘brothers’ on a spiritual plane, so that these, once born into the earthly world, could carry out what can only be carried out when living in the body of an animal of this earth…

In this way they are also today preparing ‘brothers’ for a coming age.

Since primeval times, when the first animal men became bearers of spiritual man, the location of the activity of the ‘brothers’ on this earth has been where the highest mountain range of the earth rises high, – inaccessible to all those they themselves have not spiritually guided into their midst.

Here in truth is the ‘tabernacle of God with men’ on earth!

Here the realm of the spirit reaches into the physical events of this earth through the powers of purest spiritual substance!

From here radiate rays of purest spiritual substance to all inhabitants of this earth! –

Yet I see far too many men of this earth seeking the spirit in vain, since they walk on false paths.

I can only exhort this multitude to turn around; for the effective light from the ‘innermost east’ will hardly be able to fill them if their eyes continue to be blinded by the many lights coming from all past ages, – the lanterns and torches with which man, fallen into the animal state, has sought to illuminate his path himself. –

Truly, only those unerringly looking to the ‘east’, undisturbed by the twinkling lights of the earth, will find living light on the high mountain peaks!

Those who have found that light will be illuminated on their way, until they reach their goal, – – until they reach their goal! –