This is not a book for the devout and faithful!

This is not a book for those who have never doubted God!

This is a book written for those who in a bitter struggle within themselves wanted to secure their God but did not find him…

This book is written for all who are entangled in the thorns of doubt…

It will help them!

It will show them the path!

What I proclaim here is ancient wisdom.

Those few able to perceive it have kept this wisdom secret since the beginning of time.

At the dawn of the world it was spoken of rarely, only at given times and in obscure symbols.

But now the time has come to speak of it more clearly. For distortions of this wisdom have been, and continue to be spread through the world by men without calling.

A decision has been made in the ‘innermost east’ to open to westerners the ‘holy shrine’, guarded carefully for so long from profane eyes.

He who opens it up here has received the authority to do so.

Yet those who seek must undergo a severe examination; no one can enter the temple without first passing that examination. –

And so the worthy will one day grasp and understand the things which for now can only be shown from afar…

I will tell you all that can be told regarding the mysteries of the temple!

If you would get to the foundation of these mysteries, you must be sure to experience them in your own inner being!

Truly, they reveal themselves only to those who have striven to comprehend them with all the strength they have! –

You will have gained little if all you do is ‘read’ my words…

Whatever here becomes word must find willing hearts: – hearts capable of receiving and retaining, otherwise it has become word in vain! – –

No one can judge the value or non value of what is heard here before undergoing the demanding examination required of him in order to enter the temple. –

Only those within the temple are in a position to make a judgement about these things!

I can only show you externally the things which shall be revealed within the innermost being of those who have been taught.

A long established, enduring and noble will is needed if these things are to reveal themselves; only those who can take hold on such a will can hope for inner confirmation of my words.

They will find the path to their living God!

They will find within themselves the spirit’s realm and its sublime powers!

Their God will be ‘born’ within them!

Far be it from me to provide ‘proofs’.

You must test whether my words tell the truth!

Within yourselves alone abides that silent judge who will confirm the feelings my words arouse within you.

You would be incapable of understanding my proofs, for you have not walked upon the paths I was once obliged to travel with hardship! –

In any case there are no ‘generally valid’ proofs here!

Here each man finds within himself his own conclusive proof! – – –

I am not giving you ‘scientific knowledge’; I am not proclaiming any ‘religious faith’.

I show you only what can be shown regarding the wisdom from the ‘innermost east’ and the exalted mystery of the temple of eternity!

May my words encourage you at last to awaken to yourselves, for still none of you knows – who he is! – – –

Blessings and strength to all who are of good will and determined resolve!