Nine years ago ‘The Book on the Living God’ appeared for the first time in print and since that time has won innumerable friends all over the world who became grateful pupils of its teaching.

This is now the new edition based on a new manuscript.

The contents of the first edition have remained unchanged.

For many things, however, a new form of presentation has been chosen, for it gradually emerged that here and there words in the first version allowed for most inappropriate interpretations.

With time it also emerged that other parts were given too concisely, therefore it seemed appropriate to expand these texts. Finally every word was checked again to exclude every possibility of misunderstanding.

Furthermore, the inner harmony of the whole work called for a change in the sequence of the chapters and an ordering of sentences which gave the reader a clearer impression to the eye of the essentials, since I ‘speak’ in all my works to the reader spiritually, and therefore must consider typographical aids that might evoke the sound of the words within him. –

I am grateful to all who have shown me what still needed clarification, for – a sentence will be received differently if you know what is intended from your own experience, or if the message has to be relived through imagining in a soul which does not yet have that experience.

Those who think, however, that they have to use their shrewdness to discover ‘contradictions’ in the words I use, may rather consider that the things they regard as important finds might well have not escaped my notice also. – –
It might be more beneficial for them to resolve for themselves the ‘contradictions’ they believe they have discovered, considering that I must have had my reasons if at times I left words stand which allowed apparent contradictions to be construed, as long as one had not yet comprehended what should have been comprehended…

Let it also be said quite explicitly that I regard the new text given here as superior to the first version of the book. For this new version relates to the former text in the same way a cathedral, completed in all its parts, does to the unfinished work which still lacks the stained glass windows and altar statues…
And so, ‘The Book on the Living God’ in its perfected form and new type-setting will surely offer enrichment to all those who have known it for a long time in its first version

The fact that a book is offered here which the world truly needs in this day and age has been gratefully confirmed by many thousands who have found strength and help in its contents…

It will bring blessings, light and certainty to all who read it without prejudice and are prepared to receive it into themselves!

Autumn 1927
Bô Yin Râ