En-Sôph’, ‘that which is of itself’, is ‘spirit’ which comprehends everything within itself.

The powers of the universe, however, are the ‘causes’ of many ‘effects’; this has tempted you into seeking a first cause.

But there has never been a ‘first cause’ in the sense you mean! –

‘God’ eternally fashions himself from the chaos of the elements of being! – – –

Nothing here is ‘cause’ and nothing is ‘effect’!

Only the free, conscious will of the spirit fashions itself for itself as – ‘God’! – – –

The elements of being work chaotically where, hurled from original being, they assert themselves as the deepest forces of primal nature pregnant with creation.

There they act compulsively and instinctively without being aware of themselves in what they bring about. –

There they are still separated, and each one asserts itself alone. – –

However, this self-assertion of what is separated results in pole and opposite pole, and thereby to – attraction which in the course of immeasurably long earthly periods of time prepares for reunion…

The union of all the elements of original being will become reality again within the soul of earthly man when human will strives for it. – – –
Whatever rages and seeks urgent expression in your heart, – whatever continually drives you on and keeps you in a restless state: – this striving which urges you to achieve something, – – recognise in all this the effect of those powers of original being which seek to unite themselves within you anew and now individually determined!

In these elements, revealing themselves as the powers of your soul in the exalted form your consciousness requires, many wills are trying to assert themselves in you…

You are as yet not found within that commanding will which can unite all other wills within itself…

Everything in you which says ‘I’ in the outside world, and which you feel to be ‘I’ within you, is generally still one of the many wills which are to unite within the sparkling spiritual light of your self-consciousness…
Only within the conscious being can divine consciousness manifest itself anew in the elements of original being!

From the terrifying chaos of primal nature – in invisible and visible realms – to union within the consciousness of earthly man (and there are many ‘earths’!), the way of the elements of original being returns and ascends to ‘new’ being conscious of God. – –

Yet what you observe externally and call the ‘force of nature’ is nothing other than effect, nothing other than reflection and manifestation of reciprocal influencing of the elements of original being, – but is in no way identical with them! – – –

What you call the ‘reality’ of the visible and invisible universe is only ‘real’ to the extent that it
merely presents as manifestation the influence of ever present being in the elements of original being at various levels of development.

The universe ‘is’, inasmuch as the elements of original being ‘are’, – not, however ‘of itself’!

You still speak of a ‘God’, – the ‘creator’ of all things who ‘brought into existence’ and maintains an endless world to glorify himself.

Yet such a concept of God and such an explanation of the world’s existence could only be excused in primitive times which had no knowledge at all of the ways elements of original being manifest themselves today. Truly, this should cause you to expunge the old concepts from your thinking. –

Wanting to hold on to them is folly and blasphemy in equal measure! – –
‘God’ is creator only of his own self in all that ‘exists’, and all that truly ‘exists’ is being of his
being! – – –

God is only propagator of himself and is not, as you understand it, the creator of men and
things! – – –

The powers – elements of original being, – which create all suns and worlds are forms of the spirit experiencing themselves in time and space and thus crystallise in time and space into forms of time and space, – – only temporal manifestation each time conditioned by space…

However, elements of original being are continually hurled from the original being and continually return unto it.

It was thus from eternity, and thus it will be for eternity!
Continually alternating their effect, elements of original being show themselves – at times as manifestation, at other times as the destroyers of manifestation.

They themselves ‘are’ from eternity to eternity, irrespective of their alternating effect, and are ‘brought about’ by no one…

There was never a ‘beginning’, and never can there be an end to this eternal life!

The whole, vast universe, saturated with forms, with all that is visible and to you invisible, – is but the reflecting surface of an eternal spiritual ‘sea’ from which the cloud of the Godhead arises through its own force! – –

‘God’ determines the universe, and the universe determines ‘God’!
The ‘perpetuum mobile’ wise men and fools hoped to discover already exists and cannot be invented a second time…

Would-be inventors suspected – albeit reduced to miniscule proportions – the existence of the immeasurable ‘totality’, – – the existence of what ‘is’ of itself, without ‘beginning’ and without ‘end’, the eternal ‘life’ – within the cycle of existence! – – –