THE ACTS 2:1-13,
• The Book Of Love,  chapter:  The great man of love, page 31

THE ACTS 4:11,
• More Light, chapter: The architects of the cathedral of mankind, page 89

Chapter: Theosophy and pseude-theosophy, page 105:
Countless are the errors derived from ignorance about the Christos-mystery; it would have been very easy to avoid many false teachings, had the saying been understood: “I am the door: if any man enter in through me he shall be blessed.” –

In this way the “the stone set as the cornerstone has been rejected by the builders” and men seek on false paths, for the path which is ‘truth’ and ‘life’ appears inaccessible to them.

THE ACTS 22:15,
• More Light, chapter: On the three steps, page 157