Miscellaneous References 

Miscellaneous References



• Tabernacle of God with man
- Bô Yin Râ - The Book On The Living God, page 22:
Since primeval times, when the first animal men became bearers of spiritual man, the location of the activity of the ‘brothers’ on this earth has been where the highest mountain range of the earth rises high, – inaccessible to all those they themselves have not spiritually guided into their midst.

Here in truth is the ‘tabernacle of God with men’ on earth!

Here the realm of the spirit reaches into the physical events of this earth through the powers of purest spiritual substance!

• Tables of the Law
- Bô Yin Râ - The Book Of The Royal Art, page 166:
But you shall become more and more wakeful will, until one day your will, in joy and clarity shall vividly permeate everything within you.

All the tables of the law are erected by the will to joy.

You are yourself will to joy and follow only your own law when you want to come in joy to yourself and in joy to God!

• Thomas, doubting Thomas
- Bô Yin Râ - The Mystery Of Golgotha, page 111:
This “faith” is not certainty won through experience that one can do something, but the power through which one can indeed do it!

There is an indescribably fine irony in the punning saying which the Master of Nazareth directed at doubting Thomas: “Thomas, because thou hast seen thou hast believed” (found the report to be correct), “blessed are they who have not seen” (have not certainty through experience), “and yet have believed.”

• Transfiguration of Jesus
- Bô Yin Râ - The Book Of Love, page 28:
When he took three of his twelve disciples on one occasion with him to the mountain where he was accustomed to ‘pray’ and there allowed them to see his ‘transfiguration’ into his spiritual form, his loyal followers believed, on seeing two men in white apparel next to their Master, that they had to be two of the prophets of old, – ‘Moses’ and ‘Elijah’ – so that the Master, full of disappointment when seeing their error, forbade them to tell the others about it.– – –