Miscellaneous References 

Miscellaneous References



• Om Mani Padme Hum
- Bô Yin Râ - The Book Of The Royal Art, page 111:
Deeply carved into the pillar, in the native script of the land, were the sacred syllables, majestic in their grandeur:


• Original Guilt
- Bô Yin Râ - The Book Of The Royal Art, page 78:
Yet when the powers of that living, flameless burning fire revealed their force in all realms of life to primordially propagated man, he forgot his own essential power to which alone the fiery forces owed their energy, greatness and might, and – he began to fear them…

Fear is man’s original guilt, – for it was only because of his fear of the powers of which he was lord that the primordially propagated one fell from the eternal blaze!

Behold, now you know the cause of all evil here on this earth!