Miscellaneous References 

Miscellaneous References


• Babel, tower of
- Bô Yin Râ - The Secret, page 133:
If we do otherwise and make so bold as to build on the earth’s surface, we will be like those sinners in the legend of the ‘Tower of Babel’ which collapsed within itself because the building powers could no longer understand each other...

• Bodhisattva
- Bô Yin Râ - More Light, page 172:
Yet almost all of them, except those few whom northern Buddhism knows as the ‘Boddhistavas of mercy’, the older Christian church as its ‘saints’, ‘angels’ and ‘archangels’, – (the later ‘fourteen auxiliary saints’ belong here too!) – strive further upwards from this higher spiritual state.

• Boehme, Jacob
- Bô Yin Râ - Showing The Way, page 89:
That this form of the urge to criticise can also lead to degeneration if not guided by proper insight might perhaps be most easily comprehended by those who themselves suffer from this degenerate urge…

- Bô Yin Râ - Letters To One And Many, page 120:
What I said about Jakob Böhme in the small collection of individual and self-contained treatises published under the title ‘Showing the Way’, is intended, as you rightly understand, to show that Böhme had been a spiritually appointed pupil of the Luminaries of the First Light.

• Brahma
- Bô Yin Râ - The Mystery Of Golgotha, page 152:
About this has been said: “Brahma formed this world as nourishment” – only, caught in exoteric way of thinking, one must not think of a sculptor and his creation, for this saying of the Veda says considerably more to one who knows, – it reveals to him deepest reality, it reveals to him the inherent law of self-propagation of the “Brahma”, the essence of the one, absolute being which is eternal life of itself and to which serves as “nourishment” for its highest all encompassing self-recognition as “godhead”, its forms of representation…

• Bread and wine
- Bô Yin Râ - Cult-Magic and Myth, page 31+32:
This is not the place to ask: how matter could be magically transformed, – significant is only what takes place within the consciousness of the believer who takes in the bread and wine, not as earthly matter, but as vehicles of the Godhead, whatever name he chooses to give it, in a form he can comprehend through his senses. – –

• Buddha
- Bô Yin Râ - More Light 149, page et seq:
This Buddha had not himself become the ‘path’! He had not been prepared as path by the spirit! Only his immeasurable love for everything alive allowed him to excavate a path leading to enlightenment, to spiritual light, but not to the true re-attainment of spiritual unity in God, even though this path ultimately can, by certain detours, lead there; but then it is no longer the historically known path of the Buddha but follows different, very ancient signs.