Letters To One And Many 



In the book ‘Showing the Way’ I stated explicitly why I opposed the posthumous publication of letters which were written only for specific occasions and therefore meant to have only validity for one occasion as they could only be judged with a precise understanding of the conditions in which they came to be written.
But since I will be powerless after my own ‘death’ to prevent the publication of letters meant to be seen within the context of particular occasions, limited in time to the moment they were written, and only having validity for one occasion within their own sphere, it would be most foolish of me to fret about this possible misuse of my property during my own lifetime.

On the other hand, I find myself bound to teach the reader how to recognise without error mere ephemeral, occasional letters limited in time and content with a single day’s significance, by offering here in this book letters – as examples of the opposite – which can always and repeatedly offer help to individuals because they really only teach the reader to recognise my teachings which are relevant for all times.
In the past I used to write many of these letters to many individuals, though with certain necessary modifications. This means that there will be many readers who will recognise themselves as my correspondents. I do hope that none of those referred to here will think that what was once given privately has been ‘profaned’ by the publication of what is mine and to which I alone have the right, for as it is, the content of these letters can only be of benefit to those souls who have been prepared within themselves.
The answers I once gave to many different individuals’ letters and questions have now been collected in this book, for I always had to deal in each letter with the same ‘questions’ concerning the soul which is fettered to the earthly and its possible experiences here on earth. Every single letter included here faithfully refers to specific inquiries, communications and accounts which have once reached me. The occasion mentioned in each of the responses in this book was never, so to speak, fabricated by me for the sake of providing an answer! Apart from rigorously fulfilling the duties I have towards the eternal spirit, known only to me, the time has long since past when I was able to workproductively – practically without a break – from dawn till dusk; then I would quickly eat a small meal before sitting down at my desk till the early morning hours to answer my correspondence. After a short deep sleep I would sit behind my easel or fashion manuscripts into the form which made them accessible for those waiting for light. I do not seek today to question whether my commitment to answering my correspondence was excessive. But the organism of my earthly body eventually reacted negatively to this ceaseless treatment over many years, and I was eventually forced to give it up.
May the letters provided here be offered to all those worthy of the teaching to whom they have been exclusively addressed!
The fact that I was able to enrich in such an important way the contents, compared with letters which were once written to give private explanation and counsel, came about as a result of the nature of the task I had set myself to provide here a book of letters: – a book, prepared long ago, could eventually only take shape in this way.
The letters have not been dictated, but despite all my physical incapacities which currently disrupt my writing, were written by hand, just as once I was able to write their earlier models without any handicap. Yet there is no ‘exception’ at all to this for until today I have not published anything that had not been fashioned other than handwritten with a pen. The typesetter’s manuscript has always had a handwritten manuscript as a model which for the most part cannot hide the physical effort exerted in
producing it and scarcely satisfies the demands I make upon my own handwriting. Therefore, with the rare, unavoidable letters I sometimes still try to write, I have had to resort to dictation taken in shorthand to be worked out later. Handwriting must now be reserved, in as much I am still capable of it, for the forming of the teaching texts as given here in this book in letter form, for which it is indispensable. Yet let every reader I have in my mind, who is genuinely addressed by me, regard each letter as being directed to him in person, even if I never received a prior communication from him and also was not able to answer him privately.

IAway! – Away with you! –
You who deliberately and zealously
Pursue all that is
Not intended
For the lecherous greed
Of your physically created,
Unclean smelling animal souls!

I have not come
To become for you –
The only ones I do not address –

What I bring is offered
Only to the pure,
Looking forward to the eternal soul,
The clean, the strict, the cautious,
Those hesitating long,
Those who with hands cleansed
Can take hold on
What you only – sully!

ITell us: – Who are you?
We must know you! –
How shall we truly
Name your kind?!”

II am a ray
And its eternal light!
I am a word
Uttering itself!
I am a sword
And a protecting shield!
I am a fashioner
And his image too!
I am a ring
And I am its stone!
I am the vintner
And I am the wine!
I am the branch
And the twig upon it!
I am a man
Who knows the way:
To strike sparks
From eternal ice!

I What I come to bring
Is brought first
To one’s own blood,
Before one passes on
From one’s own treasure
To foreign folk as well
The things it can grasp. –

If you do not want
the things I have offered
to you, as first ones
Then you shall, – believe me:
I know the command! –
Later fetch from far away
what today should have become your
find : – –
As a thief
in the night…