Letters To One And Many 



The things I last wrote to you and thought best expressed in a rhythmical pattern certainly required no answer; nonetheless, the cherished lines you write, coming from the depths of your soul, have given me delight because they show me that everything has been accepted entirely in the sense in which it had been given.
Scarcely had I supposed on sending my letter, however, that I would learn about the things you are now writing to me.
I ask you to be satisfied with the answer that this insight and understanding has ‘truly not been given by flesh and blood’, but by your own eternal being; from it alone can be attained the truth about reality
in which it is alive itself. The understanding of the blood – which means: the feelings of earthly man and  the thinking of his brain tightly fettered by animal limitations – has the same relationship with what only the individual eternal being can impart, as the ‘life’ of a hard stone in the nearest river bed has with the highest manifestations of life known to us. Only from the eternal can understanding of the eternal reach man! –
But now I want to use this opportunity of writing to you to give you finally the revelations which my answer to your observations on the chapter ‘The Tabernacle of God among Men’ should have included, had not external circumstances compelled me to conclude my letter.

I made use of two widely known and much used inventions as analogies in explaining to you the way in which the ‘connection’ of souls on earth with the Luminaries of the First Light comes about.
I have expressed so explicitly what there is to be said in this context in one of the last chapters of ‘The Book on the Living God’ – I mean here the text: ‘The light dwells in the east’ – that a false interpretation of the expositions given there seems to be already more or less explicable by thoroughly careless reading. But since I repeatedly receive reports telling me with most excitable seriousness of inner voices, and it is assumed this must be the ‘voice’ of a leading ‘master’, that is, of a Luminary of the First Light, I intend to be on the safe side and to save you pointless concerns, by bringing to your
attention most urgently what I actually say in the aforementioned extract, and also in the main chapter entitled ‘The Path’.
There really needs to be a grossly inaccurate reinterpretation of the words I used in these passages, and particularly also in the book ‘Resurrection’, to reach the view, contradicting all that was said, that I meant ‘inner voices’ in somewhat the same way as nervously stimulated ecstatics, or even only attention seekers who have inflamed themselves by their own imaginary self-transcendence, have unwittingly produced either through temporary splitting their personality, linked to certain external influences, or through a permanent split.
Every word I uttered warned specifically of these ‘voices’!

I really am permitted to expect people to read the words ‘voice’ and ‘speak’, used metaphorically, in the way they were written and repeatedly explained! I do say explicitly enough that this ‘speaking’ cannot in any way be compared with the use of a human language; it is instead an inner clarification of what was previously unclear to the imagination, summoned forth by the influential effect of an entelechy which itself resides within the purest clarity of its understanding. I say this also in other words arising from an elevated form of language; but the very fact that I, for the most part, put these words, which one thinks one can use at will in a completely opposite sense, in inverted commas by way of indication, should make it clear enough to all reasonable readers that I intend them to be emphasised in a distinct way.I say literally and explicitly in the chapter ‘The light dwells in the east’, that ‘speaking’ occurs ‘through the direct creation of inner clarity’ within the seeker’s inner being, – ‘without words spoken by the mouth.’… ‘Not in any country’s language’. This is stated unambiguously enough.
If in the main chapter ‘The Path’ I also refer to the possibility which exists for the spiritual teacher, under certain circumstances anchored firmly in what is to be taught: – to show himself through a ‘magical image’ to those receiving clarification, I do so only for the sake of completeness. I do not allow for any thought to arise that this ‘image’ could somehow be the master himself. At the same time, I say clearly that it certainly does not mean to be favoured if
someone is to be naturally disposed to creating this kind of projected imagening. I simply could not leave unmentioned the possibility, familiar to me, in a textbook dealing with spiritual things, even if it occurs very rarely and is restricted by incidental conditions which scarcely exist among Europeans.
All this scarcely concerns a question of your own since you are accustomed to paying very precise attention to my every word, as I have known for a long time.
But it is far from impossible that you will come across other readers of my books who will tell you mysteriously about their ‘inner voices’. These people, who have not been trained systematically in the ability to discern, will believe falsely, – always and in every circumstance – that this manifestation which is always threatening to everybody, receives approval from my words. You must be absolutely
sure of yourself  with respect to such people who are mostly fanatical slaves of their vain souls and as though obsessed with their dreamlike faith in what they suppose to be ‘guidance from on high’. Otherwise you will ascribe importance to these reports and possibly allow yourself to be persuaded that you are not as far ‘advanced’ as they are, – or that your, as you say, ‘dry and sober nature’ is such an insuperable obstacle, – and whatever other concerns characters with a self-critical disposition and intolerance towards themselves might have.
So that you can see very clearly, let me point out to you another misunderstanding which I really had no fear of encountering before I was compelled to recognise to my astonishment how widespread it is. One might be tempted to suppose that speaking in
images and parables, in the manner that lies close to the nature of spiritual things and is often required, is no longer understood by our contemporaries accustomed to stuffing themselves with newspaper reports. Otherwise it would not be possible that concepts like ‘spiritual presence’, ‘help from on high’ given by those appointed, or ‘spiritual guidance’, ‘spiritual protection’ offered by mighty and exalted helpers, would often find the completely clumsy interpretation  that the Luminaries of the First Light would have to appear invisibly in the earthly vicinity of one needing help or guidance in order to allow such a person to experience their beneficial spiritual presence.
What is meant with the aforementioned and similar expressions found in my writings evidently
takes place in a fundamentally different way. In rational people one should be allowed to assume an understanding of this as a matter of logical necessity. For how can one lose one’s way by supposing that those very few men on this earth capable of giving spiritual help in the widest sense, together with all their purely spiritual brothers not living in the body of the earthly animal, are sufficient in proportion to the human population on earth to be able to approach personally, in an invisible physical form, those to whom they offer their help and who really need their help?! Would it not be particularly awful to be observed everywhere by someone invisible, particularly if and because one knew that the most benevolent helper came into one’s presence also unsolicited? – Fortunately nothing that is real
bears any resemblance to the robust beliefs of manyindividuals who think themselves so important that their small and mostly trivial everyday concerns must be known within the spiritual realm in the most intimate details and be the target for help.
The target for help is, for those among the Luminaries of the First Light appointed to provide it, at all times the distress or the need for protection and guidance of the spiritual in man alone. They will assuredly find the person who is in such a spiritual situation that he is considered one who can be given help, without knowing even the slightest details about his earthly circumstances, or having but a vague idea of his external form and characteristics. It is a purely spiritual process which unerringly accomplishes this absolutely assured discovery of those who are in need.
If in one of my past letters I used, by way of analogy, the concepts ‘telephone’ and ‘radio’ to help understanding, I must ask you today – however weak the analogy is in both respects – to imagine an enormous switchboard on whose surface is projected immeasurable space as an almost microscopic reduction. Further imagine that every soul on earth is, during its earthly life, represented on this surface by two platinum electrodes manifested as a tiny dot. As soon as the soul needs spiritual guidance or help, a bright light flashes continuously between the two electrodes until it is switched off. And now the Luminary of the First Light appointed to give help or guidance is in this analogy like
the technician who has in front of him a switchboardwith innumerable switches; he knows immediately the current he must switch on because he recognises, through the colour of the light and the relatively slower or increasingly faster sequence of sounds, which current or combination of currents is needed for help, for protection or for spiritual guidance. Everything else would happen – staying with the analogy – ‘automatically’.
This analogy can help you gain a correct idea of the character of purely spiritual help, spiritual guidance and spiritual ‘proximity’!
I will not have to begin by telling you  that there is of course no spiritually substantial apparatus of this
kind in any form or place; instead the analogy I have sketched out here seeks to depict in a symbolic way the given connections in the structure of eternal spiritual life.
If we remain with the analogy here, we must, however, say that the light described will never flash between the electrodes if the person represented by the pair of electrodes neither expects nor asks, from the fervour of his heart, for guidance, protection or help from the region of the essential substantial spirit, – and neither can he be, a useful receiver of this influence if he has not prepared himself. –
Help, like the spiritual guidance given by a Luminary of the First Light, and also in this way by our eternal community, never relates to things which must be fulfilled between the cradle and the grave if they want to manifest themselves. Instead, it relates to
the awakening of the soul in the spiritual eternal realm, and thereby to the attainable transfer – if possible already during existence on earth – of the individual earthly consciousness of the soul, to man’s own eternal essence. –
With this said, let this letter which has become lengthy now be concluded finally and particularly commended to your soul’s attention!

May my blessing, which reaches you precisely as described by analogy in this letter, become for you the most efficacious illumination of your understanding of everything that is founded in eternity!


 book 31ninth letter