The teaching of Jesus Christ 




The story is told about an Indian prince who once asked a Yogi which are the experiences of one who has attained perfection. The Yogi replied that he had once been asked about the feelings of a lover, and that he could only answer:

“When you are a lover, you will know.” –

Likewise I can speak here of the highest form of love as an eternal, primordial power only by using images, for I am just as incapable of explaining this ‘heavenly’ love in words as I am in making comprehensible to you in words that other form of love we call ‘earthly’ love, because it 
manifests itself only in earthly life. –

In both cases you must allow yourself to be enflamed by love if you would discover what love, either in its physical form or in its supreme spiritual form, is in reality!

As someone who loves on this earth, you carry within you the ‘earthly’ form of love, even if its fire is not aglow at the moment; likewise there is within you at all times, though you are not aware of it, the ‘heavenly’ form of the same power. Its influence far exceeds this earthly existence and imparts to you a godlike freedom on earth, because all things you encounter must bow down before it. – –

The exalted Master of Nazareth once spoke of this love and its omnipotence; he drew all his own power from this love…

That Man of Love who became the greatest herald of the Master’s teaching spoke of this love when he said of himself: “If I have not love, I am become as sounding brass or a clanging cymbal!” (1 Cor. 13:1) – It is true that both give off a sound when they are struck from without, yet they lack any inner life which could produce a sound from within itself. –

But the love of which we speak here continually acts from within itself and does not need a stimulus from without!

From: The Book of Love pdf pages 63-65