The Brother and the Brotherhood after the order of Melchizedek 




The law of spiritual events rules with sacred order.

Before the light emanating from the Word reaches the hearts of men, it must firstly bear the colour of the earth.

We are not the Light but the Luminaries of the Original Light!

Within us the Light of eternity assumes the colour of the earth!

Entrust yourself to the Luminary who becomes your spiritual guide within yourself; yet love in him only the Light that – flowing through him – would approach you.

Free your soul from every image of mortal forms if you would receive the Light through him!

What wants to work within you is not the earthly man through whom you can discern the rays of light, but the Light in the Word.

If you address your guiding one as: – ‘master’, remember that only one is ‘the Master’ in each of us!

We are what we are in order to help you.

The law requires nothing else from us.

We should awaken powers within you through which your hearts are to be wrested away from all darkness: – powers which are in yourselves! – Powers of which you must grow conscious if you would learn to use them!

We are to guide you to yourselves!

From: The Book Of The Royal Art pdf pages 35-36

He who seeks will find, and he who knocks, it will be opened unto him,”: – but only constant perseverance when seeking and knocking within one’s own inner being leads to the goal which the Master of the Gospels showed to his chosen ones when he said:

“Whoever believes in me, believes not in me but in him who sent me!”

“For I have not spoken of myself, but the Father which sent me, he gave me a commandment, what I should say, and what I should speak. And I know that his commandment is life eternal: whatsoever I speak therefore, even as the Father said unto me, so I speak!”

 In these words he speaks for everyone who knows the ‘father’, whether revealed on earth in India, China, Tibet, or in modern Europe. The words of everyone who teaches as the ‘father’ commands him to teach, lead to true ‘theo-sophia’ which is identical to the originally imparted mysterious and spiritual ‘Christianity’ from the eternal ‘Christos’ in the First Light whose most sublime temple on earth was found only in the ‘innermost east’ long before the Master of Nazareth, as one belonging to it, taught how to experience eternal love. Here it will remain in existence until the end of the days on this earth, and with it for all time those eternally ordained to it and who belong to it as ‘priests after the order of Melchizedek’: – the ‘order’ which the eternal sets up for itself within the temporal! 

From: More Light pdf pages 135-137


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