Jesus Christ the great man of love 



Everything in all these teachings from the far- and middle- eastern worlds which bears the sign of the spirit of eternity was once imparted by the revelation of those who are of my kind.

It must be said that my ‘genealogy’ extends considerably further than the biological family tree of the man of this earth which serves me as an instrument: – as a necessary vehicle here on earth…

And I call upon you now to differentiate between the things of the spirit, which are imparted only by those in spiritual union, who reveal themselves to this world very rarely, – and those things belonging to sterile, inflated human opinions found in those scriptures of ancient peoples whose words you revere just for their mystery.

Through me you should experience how you can learn to differentiate these ancient words!

I shall teach you here as the only one amongst all my kind who is today working in public, – and as the only man on earth who today can say that only he is able to shape the form of words for eternall propagated spiritual good.

(From: The Book of Love pdf pages 12-13)