Hortus Conclusus


With this book my temporal work of teaching has come to an end! Soon after the beginning of the twentieth century, according to Christendom’s computation of time, I began fashioning in words the first insights the reason of my brain had then acquired from my eternal essence. What I wrote down lay dormant for a long time, for initially I had not the remotest thought of publishing it during the time on earth allotted to me. It was not until 1912 and 1913 that the first of the current works were written in various places in Greece, induced by a particular kind of external and inner experience which I have recounted in various passages in my teachings. In 1910, however, I had already convinced myself of the need to publish my work myself during my earthly life, and from that time I prepared the form of individual fragments. In 1913 a fragment of this nature which I had frequently revised was published from Athens. Today, in the turbulent days of 1936, I am ending my written work of proclamation which includes everything, but also nothing more than what will be listed definitively following the last words of this book – which concludes the series of texts beginning with ‘The Book of the Royal Art’.
Evidently not a part of my spiritual teachings, although showing traces of it, are the treatises on the visual arts which I have put together in the book: ‘The Realm of Art’, the autobiographical pamphlet: ‘On My Own Behalf’, and the small volume: ‘From My Atelier’ which is also primarily autobiographical. The same applies to the anthology: ‘Occult Enigmas’. Treatises which have appeared separately, insofar as I have not included them myself into one of my books by now, are also not to be included in my work of spiritual teaching which is now concluded, although I do not intend to devalue them in any way through this exclusion. Under no circumstances must any passage from private correspondence which has not been included by myself in a book belonging to the collection of teachings now definitively concluded, ever be regarded as a part of my teachings or be used to interpret a passage in these teachings! I cannot assume eternal responsibility for anything other than the current contents of my listed and published writings! With respect to letters not published by myself I bear no other responsibility, even where they touch on spiritual things, than the temporally limited, general human responsibility which does not expect from any statement that it is more than the expression of what a person thinks he must say within his daily life, at a particular moment and only for that moment. I have never written letters ‘for posterity’ but have only always been guided by my readiness to help the correspondent in question, even if I had no idea if he was worthy of this devotion. There has been no shortage of disappointments which I have found hard to bear!
Incidentally, I am far from committing myself to not publishing any further book from this time on, regardless of what its contents may be. But I must protest in advance from any text I might feel inspired to write from being included in my spiritual teachings which have been concluded! This conclusion is not arbitrary, but the demand made by what is concluded here.
The series of texts in which these teachings are now definitely presented will, however, remain for each of my fellow men who wants to find something in them other than his eternal being a ‘hortus conclusus’: – a garden locked to him and strictly guarded, even if the narrow gate which provides access to the garden is open wide to him. Nothing is further from my intention than to procure access for those who are uninvited, and to bring in what must remain outside! With so much more pleasure do I send my blessings to all those who without care leave their earthly being where it belongs and only seek their eternal selves in my teachings! I do not give any system of instructions but living teaching! In the thirty-two individual texts which form an equal number of parts of my spiritual teaching, everything is contained that earthly man must know about the eternal and about the relationships which connect him with the eternal, if it is important for him to find the entrance within himself to the eternal and one day to become capable of experiencing the eternal. The danger is great of remaining caught in the experience of transient earthly life to the extent that the ability to experience the eternal can never be attained. The eternal is not harmed in this way, but earthly man who in his ignorance loses permanently and irrevocably that which is eternal in nature in him. Day by day, hour by hour, countless separations of earthly human consciousness from the latent eternal available to him, take place. My written teachings were created so that more will be saved than religions nowadays are capable of saving! My ‘successor’, – a man in the same situation of spirit and soul as I am, and like me, chosen to be the earthly voice of the eternal First Word, – will see very many successive generations waiting for him; he will not appear on earth to give further indications of the path I have shown until that, which has been expressed by me in my concluded teachings, has become common property, possessed by the soul and the conscious brain, of all men of this earth striving for the eternal!

Yet one will not receive the spiritual life offered in my words through ruminating or discussing with oneself and others the rationally perceptible contents of the thirty-two individual parts of the teaching! On the contrary, one must – free from every urge to ruminate – willingly allow them to have an effect upon one, in the way that they were once created by me, so that one learns to feel and become aware of the life founded within the eternal offered up in them. He, once he has become aware of my own spiritual life in my words and then has experienced and accepted it within himself, is freed from all the doubts which fear of erroneous conclusions hangs over all those who misuse their earthly rationality in order to construct paths from the gravel of thought, under the illusion that they can attain eternal reality by walking upon them.


 Book 32 To conclude and goodbye