Hortus Conclusus 


The mildness of eternal spiritual light is not perceived by agitated nerves. Only when the imperturbably joyful calmness of the soul has been attained can the golden white light of the Godhead reveal itself to earthly feeling.
I am truly permitted to speak with innermost spiritual authority on the nature of life and experience in the eternal spirit in a way which is only possible for one who experiences it him self. But it is precisely for this reason that I must confess that also in the highest spiritual life, of which I am conscious as comprehensible experience, the same soberly lucid simplicity and naturalness exists which all those know who have even only on a single occasion become conscious, regardless  of the extent, of the eternal in his earthly life.
What most people imagine by life of the eternal spirit and human experience of this spiritual life is so coloured by the earth and conceived in such a complicated way that it most surely – rules out true experience in the eternal spirit. Yet whoever has stood shaken to their very core before the ineffable naturalness and soberly lucid simplicity of spiritual life and experience can understand why I warn against any fantasy seeking to ascertain in advance how the spiritual ‘must’ impart itself to the earthly.

I have indeed created a true picture in words for every manifestation of the eternal substantial spirit that can be described, and I have only protected those regions of the structure of spiritual life with silence which refuse all comparison, and thereby any possibility of being understood in earthly language.  But also the most sublime mystery of these regions is protected by its indescribable simplicity, inconceivable in earthly terms: – by the indisputable ‘naturalness’ of the occurrence to be experienced within them. Nothing disturbing, unsettling, perplexing, frightening or even ‘weird’ is there to be experienced; rather, worlds of absolute spiritual clarity which exclude any kind of distortion, doubt and uncertainty. It is like this in all regions of fully conscious inner spiritually substantial ‘eternal’ life  and therefore also in the eternal soul of an earthly man in whom a Luminary of the First Light lives out his life under the dimensions of the earthly time allotted unto him.
The Luminary of the First Light, however, is only united with the eternal soul of the one offered to him in earthly life, because it is only through such aunion that the ‘power from above’: – the spiritually born eternal power of light – which they need in order to awaken in eternal consciousness, can be channelled into all other eternal souls experiencing and fashioning themselves temporally within earthly men. What I teach in words as a Luminary of the First Light may be the first impetus for many to gradually prepare for the awakening of their eternal souls through their own intuitive understanding and experiencing. But seen from the eternal substantial spirit, just my  spiritual ‘existence’ within earthly life is vastly more significant than all my conscious ‘activity’, and it must also be said that the teaching, which through words can clearly be absorbed, only represents the smallest part of what I am beholden to do from within the eternal spirit.
What makes my conscious activity – in matters of the soul as well as by putting into words the teaching revelation – most difficult and demanding is the discrepancy between the complexity, becoming of itself ever more complex, of brain-conditioned conceptuality and the earthly incomprehensible, simplicity of eternal substantial spiritual life. Above all, there is a chasm in the sphere of language which must be bridged by using all sorts of materials from the most complicated divisions as produced by the concepts and thoughts of the earthly brain. Since all words belonging to human language – no matter which language – are unsuitable for expressing or representing what is most simple, one must deploy the most complicated ideas and conceptual images if one wants to bring closer, via the detour of language, sensations which would be impossible to experience unless there were this possibility of bringing them on by the complicated way of thinking. If this bridge building is really to link what seems forever to be divided, we must avoid the folly of wanting to dissolve the material from the complex realm developed by the brain, which is only to allow the chasm to be bridged, by using philosophical chemistry, for it only lasts as long as it is not subject to conceptual dissolution. The bridge is to be crossed but not dismantled under your feet!

I can certainly witness what it means for the soul of a man who is at home in the free primeval simplicity of the eternal, and whose psychological and physical sensory organism is released from the condition which normally binds it on earth, to have to be exposed to all the thousands of ‘infernal’ oscillations sending tremors through the realm of current western civilisation which is almost suffocating from its greater and greater complexity. But the impossibility of making effectual the eternal substantial spiritual life in its unknown simplicity within the realm of this almost suffocating complex western civilisation in any other way than through sharing earthly life by one of the Luminaries from the First Light, places the duty for ‘shared life’ categorically upon me – as the one born for this duty in this age. It is a duty I could never fulfil if Isought – united only with my spiritual brothers, eternally born in the eternal spirit like me – to keep myself apart, or even separate myself permanently, from those areas of external life in which my fellow Westerners, and those elsewhere in the world living a Western lifestyle, are deeply embedded.

Yet I must create a relative seclusion within the spheres of this western civilisation, – which, though complicated, is far from being ‘contemptible’ in itself or in general, – if it is going to be possible for me to spiritually fulfil everything I am obliged to do in a shared life for the well being of those sharing this life. For these obligations make daily demands for many hours of unconditional solitude.