Cult-Magic and Myth 



The human spirit which has lost itself among the aggressive demands of the ‘animal’ of the earth, nevertheless remains connected for all time to his spiritual homeland, even if he is not aware of this.
In the blackest darkness, an ever gentle ray of the light from which he separated himself by an act of volition, will at times return to him. There are on each of these occasions but a few seconds allowing him to sense in the way of memories of old, that throughout eternity he has been different from this ‘animal’ of the earth to which he feels so enslaved that he gave it his eternal name. –
From these few seconds he gets the urge to find himself again within the animal of this earth.

Accustomed to trusting only in the powers of the ‘animal’, he begins to search for himself in the same way as he seeks to find out the things of this earth.
Inevitably he is to learn that all this kind of searching for himself will remain fruitless and will only intensify the darkness which already surrounded him previously. –
If he did not receive the help which alone can be of use here – help from the original homeland of the spirit, offered by the exalted helpers ordained for this purpose, – man would be forced into doubting that he could ever find himself again as the eternal human spirit in the ‘animal’ of this earth, and conquer the demon of this earth – the ‘prince of darkness’…

The gentle rays of original light which reach him from time to time enable him to awaken within him a yearning for the light, however: – the fetters cannot yet be broken with which the ‘animal’ has been capable to bind the human spirit living in him and with him. –
Man is still not aware of the scope of his spirit, still he does not know its height and depth, for what he has hitherto been accustomed to calling his ‘spirit’ is nothing other than his mental awareness of his experience as ‘animal’ of the earth. –
But here he finds himself bound by manifold fetters, so that he feels everything which is not similarly fettered to be outside and beyond him. Thus he creates his god and his gods, so as to be bearers of those things that seemingly cannot be united with his earth-bound nature and which he still does not recognise as the very essence of his own eternal being…
Thus he creates for himself his myth without even suspecting that he merely presents the story of his own existence. –
Thus he creates for himself the cult from the myth, and does not realise that here the ‘animal’ of this earth, finally forced to submit to the human spirit, found in this way the excuse for maintaining its dominance…

Should man recognise who he is, this would be the end of the power of the ‘animal’ and the demon of the earth within him, – however, in this way he puts what is best in him above himself and outside himself, and feels all the more subjected to the power of the ‘animal’ and its cosmic despot.
It is true that the Luminaries of the First Light, who once transfigured cult into cult magic, sought in this way to redeem their wayward human brothers from this power of the ‘animal’, yet this power held the human spirit too tightly in its grasp for it ever to be completely wrested away.
The great man of love walked upon this earth and taught in lucid words that man is given ‘all might’ to master the ‘animal’ and demonic powers, and to return all the glory of self-made gods to himself, – however, his teaching was not understood and distorted in such a way that one recognised in the ‘animal’ an enemy who could be tortured yet never completely conquered.
Suffocated was every urge to unite with himself the powers of the ‘animal’ and as the animal’s master and use them for himself in the way one would with a beast of burden whose strength of course is maintained through being well fed, yet is steered into serving its owner…

The account of the exalted master’s life became a new myth, soon to bear a new cult which was formed from the remains of ancient cult patrimony given a meaning by arbitrarily adapting the clear and lucid words spoken by the Master to dark and confused knowledge. –
What emerged is meaningful even today, since it preserves the remains of ancient cult magic which would otherwise have been lost.
Countless are those who are connected to the spiritual today only through these remnants of ancient cult magic and spiritual help can reach them.
However, the very source of this help is deeply concealed from their eyes by those veils rich in imagery which the myth of their faith, wondrously intricate in its arabesque forms, can weave around all ultimate reality…
My words are not aimed at those who find satisfaction of this type!
They may seek to keep what they have, and can at least be certain that the way their faith bids them walk, though often a ‘way round’ leading them through dark grounds, will eventually, when they have crossed the realm of mere images, bring them to the supreme goal, – provided they finally strive full of faithful yearning along this way towards the spirit. –
But my words are aimed at others!
Those others, who are untouched by any cult magic since they know themselves to have outgrown long ago the interpretation which the cult demands; even if they still feel as the last witness to long vanished generations what rings from ritual liturgy as a distant sound of bells. –

The way I have come to proclaim will allow the seeker who entrusts himself to it to reach the land of reality without narrowing his vision within those walls a faith born of fear built for anxious hearts… Whoever sets foot on this way will find reliable guidance within himself, if he only makes himself worthy of this guidance by a change of will. This change will unite all his spiritual powers in an unbending striving for the highest goal. –
However, those who set foot on this way in the same manner as they fruitlessly tried to find other paths before – whether out of curiosity or to enrich their earthly knowledge – will be left to their own devices, and will soon lose the way’s right direction!
Equally, this pure way through the heights will not tolerate the feet of those who have still not mastered the ‘animal’ within them, even if the powers of his soul intend serving everything sublime…
Here no pact is possible with the never satisfied drives of the ‘animal’; none of the consequences of behaviour enslaved to its instincts can be wiped away! – – –

The ‘animal’ in man will give him a thousand good reasons every day for giving its instincts their apparent ‘due’. The voice of the ‘animal’ will flatter with pretty words, – will conscientiously seek to fool man into thinking what it grants him is ‘insignificant’, as long as the yearning of his soul concentrates only on spiritual matters…
The ‘animal’ tries with all the cunning at its disposal to protect its power and tolerates even contempt and disdain for its wishes, as long as man surrenders himself to it at this price. –

But let those who do not want the way, which should lead them to self-knowledge, to end up as the way to perdition beware of trusting the voice of the ‘animal’!
Let him be good to the animal and say to it: “Truly, I thank you, my animal, for this strength you have within me! But let your power now be solely under my control! – Know this: you shall be transformed for me, and henceforth you will serve me willingly as your master!” –

Such words are like thunderclaps for the ‘animal’ bringing death to it, – however, just as a revolting caterpillar dies as a caterpillar, to rise afterwards as a colourful butterfly, so too is the death of the ‘animal’ only necessary so that it can be transformed into a new form of life – purged and illuminated in itself…
He who used to be a vassal of the ‘animal’ is now its owner; the creature willingly serves him with its renewed and transfigured power! – –
Its ‘death’ and resurrection took place within the same body, and yet all the atoms of this body are spiritually renewed!

Those who know how to transform the ‘animal’ within themselves will no longer be hindered by the life of the ‘animal’.
It will unite fully with the life of the spirit.
As the body of the lute gives resonance to the sound of the strings, so will the animal body serve man in bringing to full development the power of his spirit.
Henceforth only the spirit will rule!
The ‘animal’s’ own will, previously the enemy and constant adversary of the spirit, is extinguished…

Only now has the danger been arrested which continually threatens every one who presumes to scale heights before the ‘animal’ within him has died and risen again in a sacred, sublime transformation, devoted to the spirit’s will! – –

There have indeed been men in every age who, aware of their spirituality, forced their way to the heights without securing their ownership of the ‘animal’, however, – be not deceived by high earthly reputations.
Not one among them reached his highest goal on this earth; not one among them experienced, during his life on earth, his living God within himself, within his innermost being! – –
It is true that their spirit proclaimed itself in gloriously exalted words, but they remained themselves in a state of discord until the end! –

Those capable of taking to heart the wise words of those spiritually well advanced do well, but their lives should not allowed to become a guiding principle if full awareness of the highest form of existence within the divinity is to be attained! – – –
Many who have lived their lives in seclusion and whose names are unrecorded have reached indescribably greater heights than even the greatest among those who, though capable of climbing spiritual heights, could never free themselves from enslavement to the animal…

Only where the ‘animal’ has been transformed and completely united with the spirit, – only there will mysteries no longer be merely intuited, but experienced in clear, conscious, individual experience! –
This experience can be disclosed to every soul.
It does not require any belief in a myth, nor is necessary a cult growing forth from the myth.

If cult in its highest form becomes cult-magic, so man’s everyday life will only be worth living and worthy of life when he recognises that all his deeds unleash magical occurrences, whether he realises it or not… The highest form of life has only been reached when all thinking, speaking or acting is conditioned by awareness of the influence within the invisible world of physical occurrences, and furthermore: – by awareness of the influence of any impulses upon one’s own spiritual substance. – – –

Here on earth everything inside is reached from the external!
Only from the external can man give form to his inner being, so that it becomes capable of perceiving his deepest innermost within himself!
Here is nothing external deserving of low
estimation! –

With his consciousness estranged from his original spiritual homeland, the human spirit now finds itself but confirmed through its thinking, speaking and acting in this external world; only from here can it properly return to itself.
Everything external must become a means for returning to his inner being! Only in this manner does he make proper use of the whole external world: – he, whose own body on this earth is already for him ‘the external world’! –

There is a call in these times of enslavement to the earth for a new ‘myth’; essentially, a new cult is meant…
Mankind will not acquire the new cult until magic in its most sacred form has permeated all earthly life with its light. –
The spiritual reality of man’s existence will then take the place of the myth, and from life itself will emerge the coming ritual of cult magic! –