• The book on the Beyond, chapter: The skill of dying, page 48:
It was no empty saying that was used by a wise man long ago when, almost overpowered by the majesty of what he beheld, he found the words:

“Eyes have not seen, nor ears heard what God has prepared for those that love him!”

But to ‘love God’ means: – to ‘love’ all the toils and troubles of the earth, to accept them so willingly, as though we had willed and sought all things in exactly the way they came into our lives! –

To ‘love God’ means: – to love the earth and all things living on it, – exactly as they are, – even though they may be contrary to our wishes! –

To ‘love God’ means: – to love oneself, and for one’s own sake to accept joyfully all the burdens given us to bear on the long and difficult path which leads us out of error and confusion finally to ourselves, so as we are eternally in God! – –

• Letters To One And Many, chapter:  On the way of life in the light, page 113:
When Paul, the tent-maker from Tarsus, – this most powerful man among those men from Asia Minor, who can only be understood by men today with timid and distant reverence, was the first to apply the teachings of Jesus to himself and to his own experience, – dares to state: “Eye has not seen, nor ear heard the things God has prepared for them that love him!” – he has summed up all true spiritual experience in the clearest way. Yet the interpretation of what this man of knowledge said has actually been reversed and subordinated to the folly which thinks that  what is reserved for those who love God is a real banquet of the senses of a kind which is raised far above what is similar within earthly experience. –

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